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Adam's a Busy Guy

Hi all;

I know you've been awaiting Adam's Post-San Diego blog- in fact, his first blog on the new But he's been pretty darned busy; three monthly covers will do that to a guy.

If you missed out on the exciting news, Adam is now the monthly cover artist on the new Fables spin-off title FAIREST.  Adam will be providing covers featuring the loveliest ladies of the Fables-verse for the new Vertigo title in addition to his monthly Batgirl covers for DC's exciting relaunch that starts in September. 

But you can do basic math, and you know that's only TWO covers, not three. Well in addition to those two on-going titles. Adam will be providing alternate covers for the comic-adaptation min-series of the popular video game UNCHARTED.  I believe there will be three of those bad-boys for you all to look forward to.

Okay- three monthly covers; you think "Big Deal".  But wait, there's more! With the announcement that Sideshow Collectibles has acquired a DC Comics license (check out the official announcement over on Sideshow's website: you can imagine the excitement we felt! Adam and the fine fellows over at Sideshow have been doing more than just talking about possible DC related projects that Adam may be working on. And not to be outdone, the guys at DC Direct are eager to keep Adam's Cover Girls of the DCU series going, as well as talking about the possibilities of some new things in the future. So if you are a collector of all things in three dimensions, your time has come! 

In closing, I personally think that that counts as "busy". Adam is practically chained to his drawing table, and as his warden (it was me or the dogs, and the dogs have no thumbs) I make sure he gets three square meals a day and some yard time. It should be an interesting few months. Stay tuned here to JustSay; I'll post the new artwork as its approved for public consumption, and hopefully Adam will be able to squeeze a few minutes out of his demanding schedule to stop by and post a blog or two!

~Miz Allie