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Adam + Vertigo = Best Friends!

Yup. Believe it, disbelievers. Adam Hughes is fulfilling his exclusive DC contract over in the land of Vertigo!

As I reported a few months back, BATGIRL #6 will be Adam's last cover for the title. But its also going to be his last cover for the DCU for the foreseeable future. He's now working hard making the fairest in the land as lovely as possible for the covers on the new FABLES spin-off  FAIREST.

FAIREST, based on the critically acclaimed comics series FABLES, will be overseen by FABLES creator and writer Bill Willingham. The book will be broken down into 6-issue story arcs, each by a different writer. Bill will be writing the first arc, with Phil Jimenez and Andy Lanning doing the interior art. Adam will be on cover duty, though you can look forward to Phil doing a variant cover for issue number 1.

As if that weren't cool enough, Adam has done a three page story in upcoming FABLES #113. This return to interior art has been long awaited by fans, and while its just 3 pages, Adam was happy with the work and hopes to do more soon. FABLES #113 comes out in just 7 days; I hope everyone enjoys it!