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New Convention Sketches at C2E2?!?


As some of you may have noticed, this past weekend Adam and I were tweeting new sketches from C2E2, the convention in Chicago. I've gotten a few messages asking how this could be; after all, Adam doesn't do full convention sketches anymore. So I wanted to make this post, to share with everyone what Adam's current sketching situation is as of this past weekend.


Simply put, what Adam was doing at C2E2 last weekend was an experiment. For over a year, Adam has wanted to try and get back to taking sketch requests at shows. He has tried and failed to do sketches at a couple of different conventions we've attended, and he could never get enough free time to get a sketch drawn that he was happy with.  At almost any given event, signings and panels brake up Adam's day in such a way that he can't seem to get any work done on these attempts at sketching. So at C2E2 we decided to try again, but with a different approach. I contacted a small number of people in advance of the show; people that I knew had asked about sketches in the past. But also, these were fans and collectors that I knew collected a certain theme of sketches, and all of them were things that Adam personally found interesting or had been wanting to draw for some time. Because we knew a week in advance of the show what Adam was going to draw and for whom, he was able to get the difficult part- loosely laying out the drawings- done from home. 


Once we were at the convention, we also had more control over how Adam's time was put to use. I made sure that Adam had only two, one-hour signing periods each day, and that he had no panels. I know that some of the fans that wanted things signed or head sketches drawn outside of those periods were disappointed to learn that they would have to come back. Unfortunately, if Adam is going to be able to do sketches at shows, this is how it will have to be going forward. Nothing we do will please very one; as always, I strive to strike a balance that will disappoint the least number of people, myself and Adam included.


In the end, Adam was able to finish a sketch a day, as well as one in his hotel room at night- a total of four sketches. Should we decide that Adam is going to be drawing at shows going forward, we will only take one request for each day that he is at the show. Are we going to do that going forward? As of right now, no. Adam wants to continue to try and complete the outstanding commissions he has here at home. But when Adam is ready to take sketch requests again, we've got a better idea of how we can successfully approach it than we did before this past weekend.


And that's the scoop. If you head over to the Paintings, Drawings and Sketches gallery, you can see some of those new drawings that Adam did at C2E2 there.