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Hi all!

Our next, and last show for the year takes us to the UK! We'll be in Leeds, England for the Thought bubble Festival on November 19th and 20th. You can see more about this event at the following website:

As of right now, we may be able to bring a limited number of sketchbooks and prints with us. But Adam's work schedule is going to prevent him from doing an eBay auction for a guaranteed convention sketch for this show. My apologies to all that may have been hoping he'd be able to do this. But Adam is behind in his work for the time being. We're hoping that once he gets caught up, he'll be able to do some of the sketches through eBay this winter.

Adam will also be appearing at THE TRAVELLING MAN, a comic shop in Manchester on the Thursday before the convention in Leeds.  We'll be at the store along with a few other Thought Bubble guests on Thursday 17th November at 5pm. The store and its address is: Travelling Man in Manchester, on 4 Dale Street  M1 1JW

The following is a link it to the Travelling Man's web site where there will be more information regarding the event, with maps:

Check back in a day or two if there isn't any information. I may have jumped the gun a bit with this post!