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AH! Signing FAIREST in the Twin Cities

Yes, it's all true! On March 7th at The Source Comics and Games in Minneapolis, Adam will be signing issues of FAIREST #1 along with writer and creator Bill Willingham! The signing will start at 1pm, and we're a bit unsure how long it will run. I believe the scheduled end is 5pm, but Adam and Bill may stick around longer than that. 

I've gotten many questions regarding head sketches at the signing-- Adam will ONLY be signing, and not sketching on this afternoon. There's simply no way he can sit and do head sketches for people for 4 hours or more; especially not with him working long days on interiors for BEFORE WATCHMEN. I apologize in advance for anyone that is disappointed by this; but Adam is just one guy with just one drawing hand, and he can really only do so much.

You can see more about the signing and the shop its being held at here: 

Looking forward to seeing everyone;