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FRIDAY, MAY 18, 2012

The Store is Open Again!

I know I had said I'd have things back up and running in March, but it took a little bit longer for me to get things together. But bow bot only are we able to re-open the Buy Stuff area of, but have some new inventory to offer as well! We have nine different posters featuring Adam's artwork available for you, though most are in very limit quantities.  I hope that this cool new swag helps make up for the delay. Happy shopping, everyone!

As it was before, we are still unable to ship orders internationally.  We've just sent a huge amount of inventory, so that they can help everyone with their overseas orders. In talking with Stuart, he asked that I let everyone know that he offers international shipping at a flat $15 fee. He knows that his online shipping calculator doesn't always charge that amount, and says any overage charged will be refunded. So please; look to Stuart Ng Books for your AH! swag if you live outside the U.S, or if you want some cool, older sketchbooks that we no longer have available for sale.