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Shipping: Stuff is on its Way to YOU!

Yup; the title says it all... well, mostly all of it. I know, as usual, I'm running late. But if you ordered something from our store since I re-opened it, your order went out today. Unless of course you didn't read the item descriptions saying that we can't ship outside of the U.S.; then you can expect a refund.  I'm sorry, but we still can't ship internationally. For all international orders, please contact - those guys are great at shipping stuff anywhere in the world.

Now for a happy little surprise: if you ordered a poster, you'll be getting something extra! We had some BEFORE WATCHMEN: DR. MANHATTAN promo posters here at the house, so I asked Adam to sign them and included them in your shipping tubes. I'll continue to include this little beauty with every order of a poster, until I run out of them. I have a few more that were sent to us flat; then I'll have to use the ones that were sent folded. Sadly, the folded ones still aren't small enough to fit in the DVD and sketchbook shipping envelopes, or I'd include them with those orders as well.

Thank you all for your patience;