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FRIDAY, JUNE 15, 2012


Hi all;

I know I've said it before, and I believe its a part of the item description for all of the merchandise available here on But either people don't read, or maybe not being from the United States, they just don't read English (in which case, the effectiveness of this news article is probably pretty low, too). Either way, I've been doing quite a bit of refunding of money to people that have ordered goods from countries other than the United States. So, just to be clear:



Let's face some brutally honest facts; I'm not good at shipping. There, I've said it. That being the case, I'm going to be even WORSE at trying to ship internationally. There's three times as much paperwork, and you will all have to pay taxes to your individual countries. Then I'll get emails complaining that the stuff hasn't arrived, when its really just held up in customs, and you'll file against me to Paypal, which will uphold my right to your money, because I got shipping confirmation and can prove I sent your package, but it will have eaten up a big part of my day and you'll have sore feelings about the whole thing. The best solution? I DON'T SHIP INTERNATIONALLY.

But Stuart Ng Books does! They love it! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE VISIT STUARTNGBOOKS.COM FOR ALL OF YOUR INTERNATIONAL ORDERS. Heck; if you want, you can visit them for your domestic orders too; we love those guys, and I really, really hate to ship.