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TUESDAY, JUNE 26, 2012

More Convention Cancellations

I have the unhappy task of announcing that Adam has to cancel his planned appearance at San Diego Comic Con. We'd already announced that Adam was going to be unable to attend Star Wars Celebrations in Orlando this coming August, and not we have to add Comic-Con International held in San Diego to our list of convention cancellations.

Unfortuantely, we've come to the realization that Adam won't be able to stay on schedule with both BEFORE WATCHMEN: DR. MANHATTAN and Vertigo Comics' FAIREST if he comes out to San Diego this year. So he's made the difficult decision to stay home and stay on track with his pages and cover deadlines instead of coming out to the West Coast to enjoy the biggest celebration our industry has to offer. Both Adam and I greatly regret the need to make this decision, and apologize profusely to anyone that was looking forward to seeing Adam this year at the show.

I'll still be at our regular booth -booth 4607-  with prints and past year's sketchbooks. But we won't have a new sketchbook to offer at San Diego this time around. Rather than have a sketchbook that was made up of odds and ends and quite obviously missing some of the most important work Adam has done in years, we decided that we'd prefer to wait and produce a sketchbook that includes artwork from this amazing project. We hope that once you all get a look at DR. MANHATTAN you'll understand why we decided to hold off until we could include some of Adam's art from this series.

Again, we apologize for any disappointment;