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Sci Fi Expo this Weekend in Dallas, Texas!

Hi all;

we're getting ready for our trip to Dallas this weekend ofr the Sci Fi Expo! To answer everyone's questions, we'll have a complete selection of the prints that are currently available with us, as well as the last 2 sketchbooks Faust Impressions and Slayboy. We'll also have a small number of Adam's How to Draw DVD with us; so if you wanted one, make sure you come and see us early in the show before we sell out.

Adam will NOT be doing a sketch list at the convention this weekend. However, he will be doing quick head-sketches in return for a donation to the Old English Sheepdog Rescue Network of the South East. We are asking for a minimum donation of $20 in return for a head sketch, and the sketches are limited to one per person. There will not be designated sketching times; Adam will fit them in as much as he is able. Adam will not be providing paper for these sketches; please come prepared with your own paper or a sketchbook. 

Adam will be happy to signitems, provided it's something that he's worked on. There is no fee for signings, but we do ask that you limit the number of items to a reasonable amount. If it's busy, or you have too many pieces; if it looks like Adam is signing your shop's inventory or your eBay store stock, we'll ask you to pick  five (5) items you want signed and politely decline to sign the rest. 

I think that about covers it; see you all in Dallas!