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Mega Con this weekend in Orlando, Florida

Well, here we are at the second convention of the year; MEGA CON!!!! We love this one, and haven't been back in a while. It'll be great to be visiting with all of Adam's fans in sunny Orlando, Florida.

I do have some news pertaining to prints. We were going to save this for FAblescon next weekend. But when I realized we are ont eh verge of selling out of so many other pritns (I'll get tot hat next) I decided to move up our release. So we'll have the brand new Sakura with us; a print of the cover to Fairest #8, featuring Rapunzel. I'll only have 20 with me; the rest are reserved for Fablescon next weekend. So if you want to tell everyone you got it first, come visit our table and pick yours up.

Now onto the subject of soon to be sold out prints. Much to my chagrine, we are almost out of several favorites. But I guess that's the nature of doing limited edition collectibles; eventuallly they will be sold out. Here's what we are in danger of running out of in the very immediate future. We have 4 (four) left of the Catwoman print It's aBust. We have 13 (thirteen) left of the Peter Parker Spiderman print For Pete's Sake. And lastly, We're down to the end of both our Tomb Raider prints: the Tomb Raider print Treasure Chest we have only 8 (eight) left and the print Happy Anniversary we have less than 15 (fifteen).

Due to poor planning I have less than 5 DVDs to pack for this show. If you wanted one, I suggest you come by our table when the show starts. I'm so sorry-- I didn't realize we were so low on inventory or I'd have had more in stock in time for this weekend!

Adam will NOT be doing a sketch list at the convention this weekend. However, he will be doing quick head-sketches in return for a donation to the Old English Sheepdog Rescue Network of the South East. We are asking for a minimum donation of $20 in return for a head sketch, and the sketches are limited to one per person. Adam will not be providing paper for these sketches; please come prepared with your own paper or a sketchbook. He'll be doing these sketches at the following times, provided nothing else intereferes with his day. Please try and be understanding if Adam is unable to complete all of the sketch sessions as they are listed below:

Friday starting at 2pm, and again at 6pm

Saturday starting a 10am, and again at 4pm

Sunday starting 10am, and again at 4pm

Additionally; the show has put Adam on a panel that he may or may not be attending. The topic of the panel discussion is DC Comics' New 52; something Adam isn't a part of. So he may not attend based simply on the fact that there's no real reason for him to go.

That's about it! See you all in Florida this-coming weekend!