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MONDAY, APRIL 22, 2013

Calgary Expo, here we come!

Hello Hello!

Well the convention season is certainly off to a busy start. We've been to Texas, Florida, Minnesota, Spain and now we're heading north to Canada. And it's still only April- YIKES! I'm exhausted just writing about it all. Anyway; the fantastic Calgary Expo is next up; a show we've been trying to get to for years, but due to scheduling conflicts never seemed to be able to pull it off. But now, we're coming. We've packed up our sketchbooks and DVDs and such and sent them ahead; all that remains to do is put some clothes in a suit case and catch a car for the airport. Oh yeah, and to pack up a selection of original art...

WHAT?! Original Art??? Yup. That's right; Original Art. There's not a whole lot of it, but what few pieces I have hanging around (mostly new covers I've not yet contacted our buyers about) I'll be bringing with us to the show. Interested? If you want to drop me a note before the event, I can show you what we will have with us, and if you want to buy it in advance, we can bring it for you to pick up. Drop me a note through the "contact us" link here on the site and I'll be sure to check it frequently before out flight out.

Other than the art, we'll have a selection of sketchbooks, a limited number of DVDs, and some prints. Adam and I will both have artwork in the Calgary Expo's souvenir book-- in fact, Adam's art will grace the cover of this year's book! So grab a copy and Adam and I will be happy to sign them for you. 

Adam will have a panel on Saturday from 1:30 until 2:15 in Palomino rooms F-G. And we'll have daily head sketching times posted at our table. If I can sort that schedule out before we leave, I'll put it here too. Head sketches are $20 a person, and we do ask that you bring your own paper, sketchbook or sketch cover for your sketch. 

I think that about covers it; see you all in Calgary!