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San Diego Comic Con Update 1

Hey all;

Earlier today we announced that we would be hosting a raffle at San Diego Comic Con for some older, rare prints. It has been brought to my attention that it's against the law in California to host a raffle without non-profit status. So we've had to shut it down (as Liz Lemon would say). We'll look into doing it at another convention later in the year, provided we find ourselves someplace where it's legal to do so.

In other news- San Diego is almost here! Adam will have not one but TWO new sketch books this year, as well as a big selection of new prints. We'll also have a limited, oversized art print that we will be revealing at the show. Make sure you swing by our booth - it's #4607 - early in the weekend to see all the great stuff we'll have!

We will also be re-opening the store leading up to the show. Fans not able to attend San Diego Comic Con will be able to buy the new sketch books online the same night they are on sale at the show!

See you all there;