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MONDAY, JULY 14, 2014

San Diego Comic Con Update 2

I'm VERY excited to announce that we will have FIVE new prints for San Diego Comic Con this year. Additionally, two of those prints will be offered in both large and small sizes- for a total of seven new prints. We won't be revealing the prints prior to the show, but swing by the table early-- I suspect that some of these are going to sell out pretty quickly!

For the first time we will be offering some of the new prints in unlimited, un-numbered editions. This will allow us to lower the price for which we will be selling them. Prices range from $20 (for small un-numbered prints) all the way up to to $100 (for a special, oversized, limited edition art print) with $25, $40, and $50 price points in between. We'll also have 2 new sketchbooks this year for $20 each, a selection of older sketchbooks (once I see what we have left) and the How to Draw Good Girls DVD ($25).

As always; we will be cash only. I apologize in advance to anyone for whom with is an inconvenience, but we find that the reception in the hall is bad enough to make using the square with smart phones unreliable at best. Please come prepared with cash, and maybe note the location of the nearest ATM... just in case you see one of the surprises we have in store, and you simply HAVE to have it!

Just a little over a week now- San Diego Comic Con is almost here! Remember; we'll be in the Illustrator's section of the hall, all the way down by the end of the Hall farthest away from the Hyatt and marriot hotels. If you go in through the hall entry doors between Lobby F and Lobby G you will be closest to our booth, which is #4607 right next to J. Scott Campbell and across from Donato Arts.