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Cool AH! Stuff for Sale

Hi all;

As Baltimore Comic Con approaches, we have listed our eBay auction for guaranteed convention sketches. Only instead of doing one for each day of the show, there's just one this time around. Adam's schedule on his cover assignments has caused him to fall behind a bit on these sketches. So to allow him to catch up on some outstanding artwork, we're just having the one auction this time around. We'll go back to the multiple auctions when Adam's schedule calms down a bit.  Click here to be taken to the auction.

Also, the store here on is finally up and running. However I'll warn you all, I'm almost out of sketchbooks, so any orders placed won't be filled until after I get new books, close to the end of the month. And, for the time being, the email addresses attached to aren't functional. So if you order anything, I won't get the message right away. I know, I know, it sounds pretty haphazard over here. But please keep in mind that the site is new, and we're working through the bugs as fast as we can!

Finally, for now we are limited to shipping in the US only. You can still buy both the DVD and sketchbooks from, who happily ships internationally.

Thats it for now;