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My Absence, NYCC, & Mail Orders!

Well, its been a long time, hasn't it?

Certainly not as long as say, the 5 years or so that I went without updating that last incarnation of, but longer than I promised you guys I'd let it go. So I want to bring everyone up to speed, and apologize with an explanation...

We've just returned from what we thought would be a quick trip to the esteemed Mayo Clinic, in Rochester Minnesota. Some of you that follow Adam and I on Twitter may have been entertained by our tweets from #MayoCon. What we'd thought would be a quick trip went on for over 2 weeks, as they rapidly diagnosed me and then set about surgically removing what was wrong with me and getting me back on my feet. The good news is this: the fine, fine doctors out there in Minnesota seem to think I'm cured-- well and truly free of all disease-- and that I shall go forward from here on out being a healthy person. I sure do hope that they are right; being healthy for the first time in 12 years sounds almost too good to be true!

Of course there's a downside to our being away for so long: has been neglected, Adam is behind in his assignments, we've had to cancel our appearance at the New York Comic Con, and I'm grossly behind in mail orders. But its not all bad- NYCC was gracious enough to allow us to keep Adam's booth, and Adam's assistant Riki will be running it on our behalf! So stop by booth Y-5 and you can get DVDs, the 2011 and 2010 sketchbooks, and a limited selection of prints. They don't have a huge amount of inventory, so if you'd like something, you may want to hit them up early in the weekend.

Starting today I'll be trying to get on top of the mail order situation. With Adam's assistant in New York, I'm limited to what I can do in the short periods of time that I can sit up (my surgery was abdominal- a bowel resection and removal of bits that were generally doing me no good). But first thing I'll do is try and email everyone with an outstanding order to let them know I'm working on it, and to offer them a refund if the wait has been intolerable. With any luck, I can get the back-log of orders shipped in the coming 7 days.

Adam will be leaving Batgirl after completing the cover to issue number six. After his final cover, Adam will be able to focus his full attention on his covers for the upcoming title Fairest, a Fables spin-off overseen by author and creator Bill Willingham and editor Shelley Bond. As luck would have it, Bill is from Rochester Minnesota, as is another writer lined up to be working on the new Vertigo series, Sean E. Williams. So quite a lot of our time between doctors appointments was spent discussing the up-coming series, and just how cool its all going to be. Adam is really excited to be able to give his undivided attention to this new project, and we look forward to being able to share the art with everyone as it is completed.

I think that's about wraps it up! I'll be posting some artwork to the Batgirl gallery later this week; you can look forward to art for issues three through five, in various stages of completion. Since Batgirl ended up being such a short cover run, I will probably integrate that gallery into the Miscellaneous DC category, and replace it with Fairest when that assignment starts to pick up steam.