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Going To THOUGHT BUBBLE? Read This!

Hi all;

we're still finalizing our details regarding Adam and my appearance at the up-coming Thought Bubble Festival in Leeds, England. But I think I can answer a few of the more common questions that people have been sending us:

Will there be an eBay auction for a guaranteed convention sketch?

No. I fear that Adam simply won't have the time to do such a piece for this show.

Will Adam be doing any sketching at the show?

Adam will be doing free head sketches for fans, with a few restrictions. First, don't be greedy; it's one sketch per person, no exceptions. All sketches will be dedicated with the name of the sketch recipient. Adam will be doing the sketches in two, 1-hour long sketch session each day, from 11am until 12 noon, and again from 3:30 until 4:30. The time in between will be for signings, panels and interviews.

Does Adam charge to sign?

No. But again, there are a few restrictions. Please limit yourself to a reasonable amount of items. Keep in mind that we don't get to the UK all that often, and you aren't the only person that wants your books/posters/trading cards signed. If you have a ridiculous number of items, we'll ask you to pick the 10 you want most. Also, please don't bring multiple copies of a single item to be signed- it screams "I'm going to sell these, and don't actually value you beyond my ability to make money off of your hard work".  We'll nicely decline to sign your items in this case. And lastly, Adam will not sign images printed off of your computer, or anything he actually didn't work on.

Can I get an interview with Adam for my blog/newspaper/website?

Yes, provided we set something up in advance. It's unfair to ask Adam's fans to wait in line while you spend ten minutes or more with your personal interview. Please drop me a note through the contact me part to set something up in advance.

Have other questions that I didn't address here? Stop by Adam's Yahoo group, found on the links page of this website, and post your question there. I'mm be sure to answer it promptly that way!