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Before Watchmen and Other News

So-- the news is out! Adam is very excited to be a part of Before Watchmen. And now you all know the real reason behind our abbreviated convention schedule. In a way, its what I had originally said; Adam wants to get caught up on his work and try his hand at getting back to interiors. But I wasn't being 100% truthful; what I didn't say is that he really wants to stay on top of his deadlines doing the interiors he'd already committed to for this project!  I think most people will agree; less convention appearances is a fair trade for more Adam Hughes interior art and stories.


To re-iterate- Adam is planning on attending the following conventions in 2012:


C2E2 in Chicago. We're thrilled to be returning to Chicago with C2E2! Adam is hoping he can be a part of some cool panels that relate to the work he is currently doing for DC. Please expect him to be at the table for a very limited amount of time, and there won't be any sketching at this show. Adam will be doing signings during designated periods, and I'll be manning the booth with sketchbooks, prints and DVDs available for fans to purchase.
Heroes Con in Charlotte.  Truthfully, this one is so close to home that we think we can swing it. And if the unthinkable were to happen; if Adam needs to stay home to keep on schedule with Dr. Manhattan, I'll still be there to run our table and have cool AH! stuff for fans to pick up at the show.
San Diego Comic Con International. Although nothing has been discussed this early, I think its fair to expect Adam to participate in some very exciting DC panels, as well as his scheduled signing times at our booth.
...we may add more conventions towards the end of the year; it will all depend on when Adam completes his 4 issue run on Dr. Manhattan, and how he feels about traveling at that point.



In other news, you may have noticed by now that I've closed the BUY STUFF part of the website. I did so in preparation for a return trip to the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota. We had to cancel that trip due to a glitch with our health insurance, but its been resolved and we're now rescheduling and planning to go later this month. So the online store's re-opening may be delayed as our departure was also delayed. Look for the store to re-open by sometime in April. Until then, make sure you check out my previous News post for directions on how you can still get your AH! fix without having to resort to eBay.