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MONDAY, APRIL 30, 2012

Updated Convention Schedule


Hi all;

II wanted to update and re-post Adam's 2012 convention schedule. Its much briefer than usual; Adam is staying home more so that he can focus on completing his BEFORE WATCHMEN title DR. MANHATTAN on time
Of course, nothing is set in stone. But for now Adam and I will be appearing at the following events:
C2E2 in Chicago. We don't know the details yet, but we'll both be there to make up for our having to cancel New York Comic Con
Heroes Con in Charlotte.  Truthfully, this one is so close to home that we think we can swing it. And if the unthinkable were to happen; if Adam's work load were to cause him to have to cancel, we wouldn't be costing anyone an airfare, and I could still go on my own and run the booth.
San Diego Comic Con International. No explanation required for this one, I think!
Las Vegas Comics Expo. This is a brand new show, and we're looking forward to seeing everyone there, and maybe even relaxing a bit!
And that's it! It's weird to see it as such a short list, but of course, we can always add shows if it turns out that Adam's work load seems more manageable than we originally anticipated. But for now, we're cutting it down to bare bones; Adams obligations to DC must come first, and we're hoping when you see the resulting artwork that you'll all be pleased that we did this! 
There will of course be a new sketchbook, as there is every year. We thought that with Heroes Con being so close to San Diego this year, we'd like to aim to have it debut there instead of on the West Coast. But as we get closer to the summer I'll post to let people know our final plan.
So while we'll be visiting less places in 2012, hopefully it means there will be more art for everyone to enjoy, which ultimately is the point of working as an illustrator in comics, is it not?