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Hello, 2013!

Well here we are; 2013 and Adam is putting the final touches on his final pages of Before Watchmen: Dr. Manhattan. What a crazy year it's been! We want to thank everyone that bought Dr. Manhattan, and everyone that took the time to send messages, Tweets and Facebook posts telling us how much they enjoyed seeing Adam's work on interiors again.  I've been getting questions from fans, asking what's in store for Adam now that Dr. Manhattan is drawing to a close. Will he continue doing interiors? Probably not at first, no. Adam's looking forward to getting back to doing some spectacular cover artwork. He loves working with Bill Willingham, Shelly Bond and all the nice people involved with FAIREST, and says he'll keep working on those covers as long as they want him. Beyond that; the sky is the limit! 

People have also been asking about the rapidly approaching convention season. I've updated the APPEARANCES section of to reflect our current convention schedule. There are still two or three shows we have yet to list; we need to wait until they are confirmed, and the events themselves are ready to make announcements. So if you don't see a show near you, don't worry just yet. We could still add one that may be the show you were hoping to see Adam attend.

Another very common question I have been getting is about Adam's sketch policy at shows this year. For the time being, Adam will not be taking sketch lists at conventions. For the upcoming Dallas Comic Con and Sci-Fi Expo Adam will be doing quick head sketches in return for charitable donations. He will not be eBaying sketch or commission opportunities prior to the show. Once we have an idea of the details regarding the head sketches- minimum donations amount, the charity that will receive the funds, and the frequency he'll be holding those sketch sessions- I'll post the information here. Much will depend on what the next couple of weeks hold for Adam in terms of his work load leading up to the show. 

Is there going to be a new sketchbook?! Not yet; no. We held off doing one for this past San Diego because Adam's commitments to Dr. Manhattan had kept his sketching low enough that we just didn't have he material to make up a book. That's not changed, so until I have some artwork I can use we're going to hold off on putting together a new sketchbook for the time being.

I think that about does it or now; I'll post some more news as we get it. Lots of exciting things will be happening this year; I hope you'll stick around for the fun!